Coronavirus statement (update 12th March)

Update 12th March 2020

Please see this important update regarding the Festival

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have postponed the Film Festival until a later date.

The venue will no longer be hosting any events in March, please see the full statement from the College here.

To all our film makers and festival attendees,
As you are all aware, Coronavirus is currently making headline news around the world. Whilst we do not intend to cause any panic or scaremongering of any kind, we do want to ensure we are taking care of you all, our staff and follow guidelines from both Oxford University and the UK Government.

As it stands, the Oxford International Short Film Festival is still going ahead on 28th and 29th March 2020. We will keep you all informed as things develop and we recommend that you check back here as this is where we will notify you should changes happen. If we are advised at short notice to cancel the festival, we will notify you and inform you of the new date as soon as possible (obviously we all hope this will not be the case).

For now, we simply recommend you wash your hands and keep going about your usual business 🙂

In response to the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we are asking all visitors to St John’s to follow coronavirus protocol and to ensure that they wash their hands following Government guidelines.

We would also ask visitors to note that friends and colleagues may not wish to use the usual forms of greeting but do not mean to cause offence. We suggest that the usual forms of greetings are kept to a minimum.

We recommend you visit the following pages regularly for College related updates:

If you have any concerns, please contact with us or the College.

Best wishes,