Welcome to week 6, our Microshorts blocks which are a collection of 20 short films mostly under five minutes which are often experimental, musical or animated. The block runs for approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. See our trailer below:

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Where Were You?

(UK, dir. Dan Emmerson)
A bitter­sweet portrait of Britain on its last legs as a part of the EU. The state of the nation. A time when it’s never felt like more of an island. Young people have been deserted and lied to by a political regime they don’t want to be a part of. Still living, loving and laughing in the midst of the madness. The past is the present, the future is prologue. Where were you? A snapshot of being British!

Where Were You - BTS

What We Say, What We Mean

(UK, Dir. Abigail Parmenter)
The closing scene of a relationship, weaving in and out of the reality of this last argument. What we say, what we mean aims to tell this most painful of life experiences with its full depth of thought and emotion – as the reality is never quite everything we meant it to be. Starring Scottish BAFTA winning Actor, Chris Reilly and new comer Charly Burridge- Jones. The film marks the directorial debut of Abigail Parmenter and has been nominated in the Best Micro-short category. Find out more about What We Say, What We Mean here.


(UK, Dir. Grace Reinhold-Gittins)
Many people rarely have the opportunity to channel bravery in their entire lives. A transgender person has no choice but to channel it every day just to leave their home looking the way that makes them feel the most comfortable and confident. Find out more on the Fortem IMDB page here.


(UK, Dir. Adam Tindall)
In this modern adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’, a heartbroken man is tormented by the memory of his former girlfriend. Find out more on the IMDB Nevermore page.


Nymphs Of The Wood

(Romania/UK, Dir. Iulia Matei)
Animation. A man goes into the woods to look for his missing father when he stumbles upon a group of ancient female nymphs who are the guardians of the forest. Inspired by a Romanian folk myth. Find out more at the following facebook page and be sure to check out this wonderful animated concept video (which hopefully illustrates how much love and effort went into this project):

The Sun Will Fool You

(USA, dir. Daniel Bigelow & Talon Nightshade)
Music Video. A young girl grows up reaching out for our sun and finding him cold. Find out more about director/animator Daniel Vincent Bigalow (Dancandraw) on the following website.
The Sun Will Fool You

Time To Leave

(UK/Oxon, Dir. Danny Smith)
Danny Smith’s new dance for camera film continues his interest into ancestral memory and the cultures of prehistory. Working with visual artist Roly Carline he created a fish-god costume with iconography portraying the frustrations in his life. The dance moves from the chaos he sometimes feels in his everyday life to the soothing calm of a waterfall where his fish-god is invoked. Find out more about Shadowlight Artists here.
Time to Leave


(UK/Oxon, Dir. Nicola Josse)
Mortelle sees herself through a distorted perspective. Our fight with self image, anxiety and the ability hide our inner thoughts to face the world are expressed through movement.

No Body

(UK, dir. Haemin Ko)
Autobiographical charcoal animation. An experimental poem based on the director’s immigration experience, Nobody explores her relationship with London through three emotional chapters: excitement, frustration and hope.

The Silence To Come

(USA, dir. Tom Varisco)
A brief meditation on the ongoing extinction of our forests and the paired silence of words we will lose when the last tree has been felled.
The Silence To Come

A Bird’s Waltz – Quando Volo

(UK, dir. Mabelle Sawan)
Animation based on the love triangle in Act II of La Bohème, Marcello the kingfisher is on a quest to win the affections of the beautiful and flirtatious Musetta, but she has her eye on a much older and wealthier bird.
A Bird's Waltz - Quando Volo

The Competition

(UK, dir. Gloria Civantos)
What is a horse competition really about? First time animation from Gloria Civanto.

The Battle Of Billy Joe

(USA, dir. Natalie LaTurno)
Rivals Annie Boakley and Bobbie-Sue battle each other in a wild west showdown over their beloved Billy Joe.
The Battle Of Billy Joe

Calling Home

(USA, dir. Wes DeHart)
A David Lynch style ghost story involving a broken down payphone and a man with no eyes. Find out more about filmmaker Wes DeHart here.
Calling Home

Quiet Crossing

(UK, dir. Patrik Křivánek)
Opponents of the communist regime try to emigrate to West Germany hidden at the back of a delivery truck.

The Tip

(UK/Oxon, Dir. Daryn Castle)
Big Jake and Miles, two happy-go-lucky friends meet in a quiet bar to celebrate the completion of a job well done. But Miles has some unexpected news for his friend that sours the party.

Baby Trap

(Brazil, subtitles, dir. Carlos Faria)
A desperate woman plans to rescue her baby with her cop friend.

You’re Talking To Me?

(France, in French & English, dir. Isabelle Desalos)
While Eve is changing in a mixed locker room, a colleague puts her hand on her buttocks. In order to compose a herself, she plays one of her favourite scenes. But the influence of the character will lead further than expected. Both directed and starring Isabelle Desalos, this is a lovely little microshort entry. Find out more about Isabelle Desalos here.

You're Talking to Me


(UK, dir. Orson Cornick)
As a girl drops from the sky onto a crowded beach, a mysterious man drives at breakneck speed towards her. Find out more on the Choker facebook page here.

The Jump

(USA, Dir. Guido Raimondo)
A 14 year old boy sneaks into a pool at night with his friends to dive off the 10m diving platform. He will fail to demonstrate his courage to his friends but he will end up demonstrating it to himself? The Jump is nominated in the Best Cinematography and Best Micro-short categories.