Childrens Films

Our original intention was to hold a free Children’s Festival the day after our main festival in March. Sadly we were unable to run, but to make up for this fact – we now plan to showcase this particular block of films online – for free! All you need to do is sign-up and get a free ticket here to get links to see all of these wonderful films.

If you would then like to support the festival and buy a ticket to see all of the other great films we’ve played (plus all of the upcoming films which haven’t played yet) – visit here! All profits are being donated to the NHS to help fight COVID-19.

Watch a short teaser featuring some of the films here:


(UK/Warwick, Dir. Simon Deeley)
Animation. A young Raindrops journey to the ocean can be quite an experience.

The Blue’s Crab

(USA, Dir. Ari Rubenstein)
Animation. An old gnarled crab tells his story of loss and sorrow, hoping to save a couple young crabs from the life of blues he’s led.


(Taiwan/USA, dir. Yu Shu Grace Wang)
Animation. This is a story about a dog, who thinks he is a cat, meets a real dog for the first time.

Have You Seen Buster?

(UK, Dir. Emmanuel Li)
Spirited, determined 12-year-old Jacob embarks on a search for missing dog Buster, encountering the wacky townsfolk of Walthamstow Village. What starts out as a frenetic, fun and energetic comedy culminates in an unexpectedly heartfelt denouement.


(UK, Dir. Jonnie Howard)
When revered knight Sir Tristan has travelled far and wide only to be redirected to a princess in another castle, his sense of duty is enflamed. Refusing to allow his quest to be delayed a second longer he storms the tall tower to save his destined love, Princess Theodora.

Grandma’s Supercharged Birthday

(UK, Dir. Matthew Kelterborn)
When Granny goes out to the café for her birthday treat, she ends up finding a new lease of life at the bottom of a flat white!

Viva la Revolución

(USA, Dir. Tony Estrada)
Dominick, an unpopular 4th grader, starts a revolution against the playground bully, only to become the ruthless dictator of the playground himself.


(Netherlands, Dir. Jamille van Wijngaarden)
Animation. When a pet bird keels over in its cage, suspicion naturally falls on the cat in the apartment.


(France, Dir. Illogic)
Animation. Deep into a forest, a gathering of wild animals start a nocturnal opera, conducted by a squirrel. Under two minutes, this is an absolutely delightful animation which rivals anything from Pixar. The film also plays in our A9 Comedy block and is nominated for two awards including Best Animation and Best Children’s Film.