Thrillers/Crime Doesn’t Pay

It’s been a wild journey so far, and that continues this week! Following on from last week’s emotional block, we have a wild roller-coaster of tension heading your way. The last four films are slightly lighter in tone and prove that Crime Doesn’t Pay! You can watch our teaser for this block below (which is a little more intense than some of our more recent trailers):

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(France, subtitles, Dir. Just Philippot) A disturbing cloud takes shape somewhere in the west. It slowly goes toward the center of the country, throwing the population on the roads. In view of the inexorable arrival of the cloud, it is the global panic. This cumulus is acid.

From The Thunder

(Canada, Dir. Daniel Everitt-Lock) From The Thunder is a visually striking yet poignant depiction of the horrors of war on soldiers of all countries. Shown on a more personal scale than that of a large war piece, we follow three Canadian scouts as they come across a lone German deserter when looking for shelter from the impending storm. We share in the terrors of battle from both sides of the war and how these soldiers handle their shared trauma in very different ways…

Hide And Seek

(China, Subtitles, Dir. Qiusi Qu) In order to get the money to save his sick father, an upright policeman is forced to risk helping a drug dealer. With a sense of duty, he secretly plans to find the leader of this criminal group. Is he setting a trap or walking into one?

Black Forest

(France, subtitles, Dir. Jean-Marc E.Roy, Philippe David Gagné) Jura, in France. A judge asks for a reconstruction of a crime scene to shed light on all the unresolved questions of a murder. The accused, a family of three Quebecois, have to strictly recreate the crime’s day in front of Justice.


(UK, Dir. Chrisopher Andrews) In the remote forests of the Scottish Highlands, an ageing stalker sets his wits and grit against a young poacher, who is taking the heads of his best stags.

La Hague

(France, Subtitles, Dir. Mathieu Naert) Julien lost his job from the local factory “La Hague”. He tries to convince Louis, his friend and engineered, still employed at the factory, to join him in blackmailing the factory’s HR manager in order to find his work and his old life back. However, unforeseen events will change his plans.

Miracle Desert

(USA, Dir. Mark Hosack)
Two would-be criminals buried up to their necks in the desert must outwit a dangerous lawman before the real killer arrives. Anything goes in this darkly comic, supernatural thriller, shot entirely on location in the Mojave desert – a film where Casper and Henry have nothing but their wits… or lack thereof… to survive. Find out more on the Miracle Desert facebook page here.

Socks and Robbers

(UK, Dir. David Lilley)
A gang of notorious sock-headed criminals commit the biggest bank heist of their careers. Things start to fall apart when they find out an undercover cop has infiltrated their ranks. Find out more of the Socks and Robbers facebook page here.

Sui Caedere

(Italy, subtitles, Dir. Fabrizio Accettulli)
A man who has lost every hope in life thinks he finds a way out thanks to an app.


(France, subtitles, Dir. Christophe Saber)
Three best friends, Jimmy, Samy and Sofi, have the trailblazing idea: to turn a chocolate dispenser into a pot-vending machine. Also, there’s a dog in the film!