Comedy and Kooky

Phew! So here we are in our final week, “week eleven”. It’s been an unbelievable ride, but like all good things… The tone of last week’s Thrillers/Crime Doesn’t Pay block was starting to lighten up by the end of the block, just in time for some comedy and kooky films! Next stop – The Awards!

This is now your final opportunity to buy a ticket to watch the films playing at The Oxford International Short Film Festival 2020. Find a short teaser of the films playing in our Comedy and Kooky section below (with some lovely music by the awesome

Let’s go through the final set of films one by one in the order they are playing:

Jonty Velcro

(UK, Dir. Jonathan Small, Maxine Mason)
Second World War dark comedy short about a team of elite special forces operating behind enemy lines. 30 years after their last mission in Northern France in 1944, the two surviving members meet by chance. They reminisce about the war, but their recollections of what happened seem to differ, and the mission may not have been quite as it seemed…

Raging Cult

(France, in English, Dir. Meagan Lopez)
Agoraphobe Sandra literally lives her life through social media. She’s angry at all the smiling women online – why aren’t they as angry as she is at men, the world, everything!? She enlists her friend Molly to start a cult of feminine rage to change the face of social media…and hopefully the world.

Celeste And Moulee

(Canada, Dir. Celeste Koon)
Celeste and Moulee Till The End of The World is a comedic account of the survival of a woman, Celeste (Andrea Bang), and her rabbit in the aftermath of an apocalyptic catastrophe. When tragedy strikes, heroes rise from the wreckage! However, sometimes it’s easier to crawl back under the blankets and hope to the god you were never too sure existed that it will all pass. This film is about the latter… a quirky oddball and a fluffy rabbit waiting for the mess (the apocalypse) to pass.

Celeste And Moulee - Promo

Big Wok Chef

(Hong Kong, subtitles, Dir. Hoi Wong)
Chef Aaron’s claypot rice is excellent, but has never been never popular. Drowning his sorrows dulls his sense of taste, yet he continues to cook heartlessly. Perhaps a change is just around the corner? A delightfully kooky and inventive short.


(USA, Dir. Kyra Gardner)
Phoebe is a real catch… she just doesn’t know it yet. Far from home, she tackles a new sea of challenges during her first weeks at college. With her flamboyant roommate Adam as her navigator, she no longer feels like a small fish in a big pond, and she learns to feel comfortable in her own skin.

The Audition

(UK, Dir. Kit Loyd)
Phil has an idea – he’s going to put on a play. Film directed by and featuring first time filmmaker Kit Loyd.

The Audition Promo


(UK, Dir. Elliot Taylor)
A surreal comedy about despondent office worker, Sally. Unable to hold down her day to day job, she builds a fake office in her own home, in the hope of creating a more healthy work environment. An old colleague reaches out and Sally must decide whether to stay in her flawed utopia or return to the cold light of day.


(Ireland, dir. Oliver Richards)
Thirsty? Drink anywhere, any device… Comedy from iPhone solo film and effects maker Oliver Richards.

Thirsty? Poster

Two Dum Micks

(USA, Dir. D.B. Sweeney)
Two unlucky guys meet in the drunk tank and hatch a plan. Stars Sean Astin and D.B. Sweeney.

Quiet Carriage

(UK, Dir. Ben S. Hyland)
A man must decide whether to intervene and stop a casual commuting rule breaker, or live with a lifetime of regret. A comedy about a passive man with an overactive imagination. Stars Amit Shah and Emma Sidi.

Quiet Carriage Poster

Huntington Garden

(UK, Dir. Elliot Barker)
Huntington Gardens is a post-Brexit comedy about three families who battle it out for the best parking spot on their street.

Ouija Sex

(UK, Dir. Mondo Ghulam)
When a heart-broken man tries to contact his deceased girlfriend, he discovers she wants more than just a chat…