OXISFF Awards 2020

And we’re done (for now)! OXISFF 2020 was completely different to how we were planning to run, we tried to make the most out of a difficult situation.

OXISFF Team at Awards Ceremony
The OXISFF Team at the online 2020 awards event

Before I launch into who won what, I would like to say a few thank-you’s. Firstly a “MASSIVE” thank you to the team and also all of our wonderful filmmakers – without you – there would have been no festival! Our awards were hosted last Saturday online, it fantastic to see so many familiar faces together again and wonderful to the effort put in to make the evening fun!

Awards on Zoom
Awards on Zoom (photo courtesy of Vivien Reid)

We wanted our awards to be more than “just an online awards show”, so we introduced a few special guests – who I’d briefly like to thank below:

Also a big thank you our wonderful award presenters:

Special guests and performers (L-R: Katie Pritchard, Indra Ové, Purdey, James Carrington)
Special guests and performers (L-R: Katie Pritchard, Indra Ové, Purdey, James Carrington)

OXISFF 2020 SponsorsAnd finally our shout-out to our lovely festival sponsors for all their help and support: The Film Festival Doctor, Pauline Quirke Academy, SAE Institute, Screentalk: Oxfordshire and Thames Con.

So without further ado, here is the full list of prizes:

Official 2020 Awards

  • Best Film: Tattoo
    Nominees: Acide, Black Forest, Kaleidoscope, Starboy, Tattoo
  • Best Director: Starboy (Joelle Bentolila)
    Nominees: Acide (Just Philippot), Brave Little Army (Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt), Kaleidoscope (Nicole Pott), King of the Wind Demons (Clemence Posey), Office Song (Marcus Markou), Starboy (Joelle Bentolila)
  • Best Lead Actress: Tattoo (Behdokht Vallian)
    Nominees: Gone (Aurelie Pitrat), How Do You Type A Broken Heart (Emily Donahoe), I’m Listening (Marjaana Maijala), I’m Not An Actress (Yasaman Moavi), Sylvia (Jolie Lennon), Tattoo (Behdokht Vallian)
  • Best Lead Actor: Starboy (Barney Harris)
    Nominees: Dorris 85 (Chiz Schultz), Kaleidoscope (Ian Virgo), La Hague (Victor Pontecorvo), Stalker (Sean McGinley), Starboy (Barney Harris)
  • Best Young Performer: Brave Little Army (Lyla Elliott)
    Nominees: Acide (Antonin Chaussoy), Brave Little Army (Lyla Elliott), Have You Seen Buster? (Will Jacobs), Kaleidoscope (Harry Tayler), Sophie’s Map (Liam Middleton), Viva La Revolucion (Ian Inigo)
  • Best Screenplay: Office Song
    Nominees: Bad Mother, I’m Listening, Miracle Desert, Office Song, Sui Caedere, Your Last Day On Earth
  • ScreenTalk Prize for Best Oxfordshire Film 2020: On Wenlock Edge
    Nominees: On Wenlock Edge, Stakeout, The Oxford Pole, The Voodoo Man, Unknown Ravens
  • Audience Choice Award: Your Last Day On Earth
  • Best Cinematography: I’m Listening
    Nominees: George and the Whales, I’m Listening, Office Song, The Jump, Tomatic, Your Last Day On Earth
  • Best Debut: I Just Want You To Know
    Nominees: 2Colours, Down, Hide and Seek, I Just Want You To Know, Meow, The Audition, Winter Hill
  • Best Editing: Kaleidoscope
    Nominees: Brave Little Army, Gone, Kaleidoscope, Miracle Desert, Running Man, Your Last Day On Earth
  • Best Production Design: The Cunning Man
    Nominees: Black Forest, Cassandra, I’m Listening, The Cunning Man, Tomatic, Vicarious
  • Best Music Score: The Box
    Nominees: Brave Little Army, George and the Whales, Starboy, The Box, The Bronze Fly, The Cunning Man
  • Best Sound: Black Moon
    Nominees: Bad Mother, Black Moon, Choker, Office Song, Snow Warrior
  • Best Special Effects: Acide
    Nominees: Acide, Aurore, Phoebe, Socks and Robbers, SPIRIT: A Martian Story
  • Best Action or Thriller Film: Black Forest
    Nominees: 2Colours, Black Forest, La Hague, Stalker, Vicarious
  • Best Animation: Featherweight
    Nominees: Catastrophe, Featherweight, I Just Want You To Know, Maestro, The Blues Crab
  • Best Childrens film: Maestro
    Nominees: Catastrophe, Have You Seen Buster?, Maestro, Meow, SPIRIT: A Martian Story, The Blues Crab
  • Best Comedy Film: Tomatic
    Nominees: Huntington Gardens, Jonty Velcro, Ouija Sexx, Quiet Carriage, Tomatic
  • Best Documentary: Becoming Cherrie
    Nominees: Becoming Cherrie, Have We Met Before?, If I Get Like That Just Shoot Me, One of Many, Waves, Winter Hill
  • Best Horror Film: Cassandra
    Nominees: Acide, Black Moon, Cassandra, Running Man, Stakeout
  • Best International Film: Dorris 85
    Nominees: Dorris 85, I Just Want You To Know, I’m Listening, I’m not an Actress, King of the Wind Demons, Tomatic
  • Best LGBTQ+ Film: Fortem
    Nominees: Becoming Cherrie, Fortem, Have We Met Before?, Hidden, Phoebe, Starboy, Sweet Release
  • Best Microshort: Waves
    Nominees: Choker, Crimson Cuffs, Ouija Sex, The Jump, Waves, What We Say – What Me Mean
  • Best Musical or Experimental film: Office Song
    Nominees: Disco Dynamite, Highland Home, Mama, Mortelle, Office Song, Time To Leave
  • Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Film: SPIRIT: A Martian Story
    Nominees: Elara, SPIRIT: A Martian Story, The Second Hearing, Triskelion, Your Last Day On Earth
  • Best UK Film: Bad Mother
    Nominees: Bad Mother, Featherweight, Office Song, Sylvia, The Cunning Man
  • Best of the Block Winners (voted by audience):
    Bayandalai – Lord Of The Taiga (Documentaries), Box (Loss), Calling Home (Microshorts), Conte Anglais (Romance?), George And The Whales (Documentaries), Huntington Gardens (Comedy and Kooky), Mama (International Drama), Miracle Desert (Thrillers/Crime Doesn’t Pay), Quiet Carriage (Microshorts), Running Man (Nightmares), Snow Warrior (Documentaries), Starboy (UK Drama), Sweet Release (Loss), The Tip (Microshorts), Unknown Ravens (Local Docs), Viva La Revolucion (Children’s Films), Your Last Day On Earth (Other Worlds)

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners, nominees and selections!

Celebrating in style: Michelle D'Alessandro Hatt
Celebrating in style (photo courtesy of Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt)

At the end of the ceremony it was announced that we are planning to run again at St John’s College next year (provisional dates: 29-31st March 2021 – although these might be subject to change). We will play a mix of 2020 coupled with 2021 entries.
The festival will re-open for 2021 submissions very soon.

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