Watch Films From OXISFF 2019 (update)

We are still in lock-down so decided to revisit this page and update it with a few of the new entries which have since appeared online. 2019 was our first ever festival, it will always hold a special place in hearts! For the benefit of those who were unable to attend the festival back in 2019 or for those of you who came but would like to revisit/catch-up – we’ve made a list of entries below. Click the titles to watch the films, hopefully there is something for everyone – enjoy!!!

Last update: 19 February 2021
New entries: Division Ave, Lab Rat, Louder Than Words, No Response, Once Bitten, Pianist In A Brothel, Red Dress. No Straps, and the BAFTA winning Roughhouse.

  • Anatomist, The
    Period Drama/Horror – nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Production Design and Best Horror.
  • Anything for You Abby
    Comedy – Winner of Best comedy.
  • Beautified
    Dystopian Drama in style of Handmaid’s Tale – Nominations for Best Music Score and Special Effects.
  • Caelum
    Drama/Microshort – Winner of Best Film Under Five Minutes (and Best Local Film runner-up).
  • Comfortable Grave, A
    Horror – Scary micro-short from local filmmaker Chris Holt.
  • Dead Not Dead, Dead
    Dark comedy – in order to pay his debts, Dad pretends to be dead with the help of his daughter.
  • Desecrated, The
    Horror – Scary film set in morgue, nominated under the Best Horror genre.
  • Division Ave
    Drama – two women from different backgrounds form an unlikely bond and fight for justice.
  • Emmi
    Drama – Winner of ScreenTalk Oxfordshire Best Local Film Prize.
  • Escape, The
    Science Fiction – Directed by Paul Franklin, Winner of Best Science Fiction Film – also nominated under the Best Actor and Best Special Effects categories.
  • For Want Of A Nail (18min version)
    Quirky Drama – nominated for Best Editing. Meet Marty, a young man dealing with life and OCD.
  • Golem
    Runner Up in Best Local Film, quirky thriller from Silas Elliot.
  • Grounded
    Drama – Winner of Best Screenplay, also nominated for Best Director and Best Actress.
  • Hidden Injury Of Dreams, The
    Experimental film – a personal reflection about immigration made by local filmmaker Giacomo Vagni.
  • Lab Rat
    Science Fiction – Directed by Nour Wazzi. Nominated for Best Science Fiction film.
  • Last Dance, The
    Science Fiction – Winner of Best Special Effects. Also nominated for Best Director, Best Film, Best Science Fiction Film and Best Sound Design.
  • Little Ghost Girl
    Experimental/Poem microshort by Adriane Little.
  • Louder Than Words
    Drama. Nominated for Best UK Drama.
  • Love is a gift
    Drama – Phil Beastall’s short film which went viral during Christmas 2018.
  • Man On Heels
    Quirky Comedy/Thriller – nominated under the Best Comedy category.
  • No Response
    Action/Thriller. Winner of Best Action or Thriller film. Also nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Editing.
  • No Way Home
    Drama/Microshort in conjunction with CNN for eradicating modern day slavery/sex trafficking.
  • Once Bitten
    Comedy/Horror. Winner of Best Horror. Lauren Ashley Carter was also nominated in the Best Actress category.
  • Out of Reach
    Thriller – Nominated under the Best thriller category.
  • Outside Arcadia
    Science Fiction/Drama – Decades after tragic events, a brother and sister make their moment to break free.
  • Pianist in a brothel
    Musical Drama. Winner of Best Musical or Experimental film and also nominated in the for Best Music category.
  • Pins
    Dark Comedy – A single mother’s search for Mr Right goes horribly wrong thanks to her daughter.
  • Rage, The
    Horror/Action – Nominated in the Best Action/Thriller genre category.
  • Red Dress. No Straps
    Animation from Maryam Mohajer. Nominated in the best Animation Category.
  • Roughhouse
    Drama/Animation – Winner of Best Animation and also nominated in the Best Film category.
  • Sailing Away
    International Drama from China – nominated for Best International Film and Best director.
  • Should You Meet A Lady In A Darkened Wood
    Surreal Animation – Played in the Scary! category and nominated for Best Animation.
  • Showtime
    Drama – Nominated for Best Screenplay and Best International Drama.
  • Spaceman
    Science Fiction Drama – Nominated for Best Science Fiction Film.
  • Still
    Suspense film – Directed by Michael Licisyn and featured in our ‘Be Careful’ block.
  • Tiebreaker
    Drama/Comedy – A sassy pub quiz story which featured in our ‘Quirky’ block.
  • Under The Weather
    Short animation – Nominated for Best Animation and Best Children’s Film.
  • Zack and the Rainbow – Making Friends
    Children’s Animation, winner of best Children’s film (judged by the children of the festival organising team).

Congratulations to all of these wonderful filmmakers and teams! We hope you all enjoy these entries as much as we did. We are planning to share some of the wonderful entries we played at our 2020 Festival with you very soon!