Father Figures

We kick off the festival focusing on family dynamics. Fathers are often terrorizing figures in the first half of this block, exploiting a patriarchal kind of power and often dominating the stories despite their visual absence. As the block progresses, the tone shifts: the child becomes a source of hope and possibility, the father as a progenitor of ambition and creativity.

The Summer Of Snakes
United States (15min), Dir: Lara Panah-Izadi

A famous sculptor revisits a childhood summer haunted by a trauma that she will overcome through her colorful art.
Inspired by the life of Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002).

Our Father
United States (15min), Dir: Felicity Price

Disowned as a child by her father, a wealthy and infamous composer, a young English woman returns to New York, the glamorous playground of her youth, to help the brother she hasn’t seen since childhood. Awaiting trial for murder in New York’s notorious Rikers Island jail and fearful for his life, her brother implores her to do the one thing she cannot: beg their father for help. Based on true events.

The Widow
Ireland (13min), Dir: Ailish Castillo, Nicola Morris

Ireland, 1952, a young mother’s cry for help in a man’s world where silence is a virtue. This is a hauntingly beautiful tale which highlights the strength of a woman, however tough the road became for her.

Canada (3min), Dir: Neko Wong-Houle , Terrance Houle

A short animation based on the relationship of an artist and his daughter, and their deep connection to one another.

Using dialogue, music, traditional animation, stop-motion, experimental DIY photography using Caffenol (coffee/vitamin C developer) and 2D rotoscoping Terrance and his daughter Neko share a unique look at an indigenous father/daughter story.

Dad Joke
United Kingdom (16min), Dir: David Abramsky

A disabled comedian spots an influential TV commissioner in the crowd before his make or break gig. Tonight is his last chance to fulfill his promise of success to his unborn son who is due to be born.

This block will play on Friday 27th August at 10.30am (GMT+1). The block contains some strong language and will play for approximately 64 minutes. It will be followed by a Q&A with any of the filmmakers who are in attendance. View our 2021 programme here.

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