Kids Today!

The filmmakers in this block revel in the capacity for curiosity and friendship unique to young people. Kids rush to grow up, learn to acclimatise themselves to their own bodies, and get a taste of adulthood. Their naïve friendships are full of the empathy natural to kids before they are socialised into conflict – a perspective perhaps more profound by the fact of its own limitedness.

United Kingdom (3min), Dir: Meg Dupont

A stop motion animated documentary on 20mm stamps, exposing the fragility of hand written letters written by genuine penpals.

Wooden Sword
Iran (7min), Dir: Behzad Alavi , Sousan Salamat

Two little boys meet each other in a green space, and make friends. On the other hand, their fathers have a big problem. A film about the difference between the world of children and adults, and the effects of parents behavior patterns on their children.

United States (11min), Dir: Jenn Shaw

After multiple encounters with her bully and a little academic inspiration, an African-American teen girl finally stands up for herself against classmates that question her cultural identity.

The Fullest Day Of Summer
United States (14min), Dir: Natasha Maidoff

In foothills of Appalachia, three teenagers try to rise out of poverty and come to terms with the emotional struggles that hold them back. Find out more on the website here.

Blood Feud
Iran (3min), Dir: Sina Rezaei

The world always finds a way to ruin beautiful things.

One Nice Day
Iran (3min), Dir: Sousan Salamat

The Teacher decided to give a bag as a prize to one of his students by holding a ballot. One of the students, Rasooli, doesn’t have a bag and stands to benefit the most.

United Kingdom (11min), Dir: Brandon Wade, Matthew McGuinness

A young man with autism learns to love himself.

Body invites us inside the mind of Sam, who experiences the world differently to those around him. On the surface, Sam is misunderstood by those around him, being perceived as awkward and prone to outbursts. Ultimately we see a battle play out between Sam’s external and internal worlds, culminating in Sam’s acceptance and in his own way, love of the special parts of his personality which have been ignored too long.

United Kingdom (15min), Dir: Paul Holbrook

Two creative but impressionable kids hatch a plan to purchase their first packet of cigarettes, whilst clinging on to their prized possession; an impossible-to-get shiny gold football sticker.

This block will play on Friday 27th August at 4pm (GMT+1). The block contains some bad language, it will play for approximately 67 minutes and be followed by a Q&A with any of the filmmakers who are in attendance. View our 2021 programme here.

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