Bad Things

Bad things don’t just happen to bad people. This horror-thriller block takes our darkest fears from everyday reality – stalking, obsession, over-consumption, greed – and transfigures them into panic-inducing tales of revenge and exploitation, moving from stories of individuals trying to cheat death to full-on zombie apocalypses. This block contains violence and nudity; not suitable for children.

United Kingdom (3min), Dir: Phil Beastall

Local Oxfordshire short which was filmed during lockdown. This is a story about a woman alone at home, or so she believes. Find out more here.

Any Given Saturday
United Kingdom (11min), Dir: Laurence Mills

A cab driver (Floyd) is hired by a passenger (Harvey) to take him to three random locations across London. Once Floyd begins to recognise each address it becomes clear that the two of them have more in common than he first thought.

Today Is Friday
Iran (15min), Dir: Mohammad Ahangar

Nader and Saeid are arguing with each other because of their problems in the company. But suddenly something happens which causes some changes to their destiny.

Malakout (Divinity)
Iran (11min), Dir: Farnoosh Abedi

Macabre animation. Music was his passion… Love was his masterpiece…

Iran (15min), Dir: Shoresh Vakili

In the city where the zombie attacked, several people are hiding in the garage when a zombie enters the garage…

A Piglet’s Tale
United Kingdom (12min), Dir: Fabrizio Gammardella

A newly-wed couple struggle to have children. They give up their jobs in London and move to the countryside, hoping to fulfil their dreams. Few years later a very special baby is born, one who can turn himself into a piglet!

How will the parents cope with a reality that is nothing short of a miracle?

And what if a terrible fate awaited the kid?

Hungry Joe
United Kingdom (22min), Dir: Paul Holbrook, Sam Dawe

A single mother struggles to bond with her apathetic child; born with an insatiable and increasingly inhumane appetite.

This block will play on Friday 27th August at 8pm (GMT+1). This block contains violence and nudity; not suitable for children. The block will play for approximately 90 minutes and be followed by a Q&A with any of the filmmakers who are in attendance. View our 2021 programme here.

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