Lure of the Sea

There is an indefinable quality to the sea that keeps drawing us back to it – something mesmerising, possibly other-worldly. For these five filmmakers, this compulsive wonder and awed attachment to the sea comes to signify a myriad of cinematic moments: a fascination with trying to conquer the highest waves, a space for a coming-of-age narrative, a backdrop for a story of doomed love.

Going Deeper: Love letter to Nazare
Japan/Portugal (15min), Dir: Luke Huxham

“Going Deeper – Love letter to Nazare” is a passion project filmed in Nazare, Portugal, directed by Luke Huxham. This isn’t an action sports film, it’s not even a surf film; it’s a human story set amongst the most powerful waves known to man. And a tribute to Praia do Norte. One of the most beautiful and dangerous beaches in the world, where feats once thought impossible, have been achieved by the brave.

La Playita (The Little Beach)
Argentina (13min), Dir: Sonia Bertotti

The City of Corrientes in summer. On the shores of Paraná, in the shadow under General Belgrano Bridge, thousands of families compete for space for their umbrella and chaise lounge. Priscila, a 7 year old girl no one pays any attention to, sets out in pursuit of an elusive toy vendor, getting further away from her family and closer to adventure.

Leonidas and the Fish
Cyprus (12min), Dir: Alexander Machlouzarides-Shalit

One ordinary day in Leonidas’s life, a seemingly minor event has a major impact on him. Leonidas’s favourite pastime is fishing, his usual catch providing him with pocket money for personal spending. Unexpectedly, and in view of significant onlookers, he catches a big fish. It signifies success, acceptance and appreciation by others. How does he deal with it?

United Kingdom (5min), Dir: Michael Beddoes

A comedy-drama break up movie with a difference.

Jack and Arie are a 30 something year old couple in a long distance relationship. Jack wants to make it work but Arie is having doubts. So far, so normal, but is there a twist in the tail?

Iran (14min), Dir: Saber Mostafapour

Milad (Boy’s name) abandons home and school to preserve her identity and having nowhere to go, she lives in ruins. Three rapist class-mates who are tired of her absence, chase after her in secret and find her in a feminine appearance.

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