In a post-lockdown world, the stifling sensations of isolation have been felt almost universally, as we have been compelled to ‘live in a bubble which isn’t necessarily reflective of reality’. Most of the films in this block were made during the first wave of the pandemic, feature this period heavily, or reflect upon the simple desire to be seen and heard that separation provokes.

United States (6min), Dir: Cherrye J. Davis

In a COVID impacted New York City, X, a black woman jogger, has a few things to consider before going outside for a run.

A Loco Vivid Dream
Poland (10min), Dir: Marek Ścibior

An unusual reality, seen through the eyes of a regular 18 year old high school teenager.

The Hat
United Kingdom (5min), Dir: Darren Strowger

A young man wanders into the middle of a barren field, and just as he’s enjoying the peace of it all, a mystery assailant comes running out of the trees towards him. But some things you can’t outrun.

The Hat is the first in a planned series of shorts that will form the foundation for a new filmmaking model created by Darren Strowger and will be supporting Teen Cancer America.

Seresitos (Little Beings)
Mexico (7min), Dir: Diamida Ordaz

I tended my senses and they were there,
I stopped to contemplate and they were there,
I opened my eyes and they were there,
I woke up and they were there,
I paid attention and they were there.
So I wanted to take off my sandals,
as not to hurt them with my walk.

Fabulous Phoebe
United Kingdom (11min), Dir: Cassius Rayner

Fabulous Phoebe is a short film telling the story of a shielded cancer survivor locked in with her abusive husband during Covid. She eventually goes outside and makes a decision to leave him. Greek myth references turn Phoebe’s story into plea for Mother Earth. Being a piece of original poetry, it is entirely written in verse.
Phoebe was shot on location on an iPhone and under social distancing guidelines during recent pandemic restrictions in London.

Gone Viral
United Kingdom/N.Ireland (17min), Dir: Nicky Larkin

Comedy. Locked-down and desperate to go viral, a middle-aged man takes to social media during a global pandemic.

Music For The End Of The World
United Kingdom (7min)
Dir: Emmanuel Li

Would the apocalypse really be all that bad? Teenage Freddie certainly doesn’t think so, as he boogies his troubles away on a gorgeous sunny hill. But he can only outrun his troubles for so long.

Friends Online
United Kingdom (5min), Dir: Samantha White

‘Stacey’ an anxiety ridden, lonely, keyboard-warrior recluse hopelessly tries to convince his favourite young friend Ellie, that he too is a teenage girl, with the desperate hope that she’ll send him the pictures he craves.

This block will play on Monday 29th August at 8.00pm (GMT+1). The block will play for approximately 69 minutes and be followed by a Q&A with any of the filmmakers who are in attendance. View our 2021 programme here.

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