Children’s Corner

Sunday is known as the day of rest – a fact oblivious to these excitable children! Here we have nine boisterous, animated tales for the whole family, tackling themes such as generational disconnect, environmentalism, overcoming adversity, and inspirational learning. Gen TreeIsrael (3min), Dir: Ronni Shalev, Alon Sharabi, Hod Adler In a town where the adults … More Children’s Corner

The Future Is Bright

The line between utopia and dystopia is volatile in this block, in which six filmmakers imagine the disorientating future worlds into which humanity might be driven. Our relationship to aliens, machines, mindfulness, and emotion itself are tested and traversed in this thrilling – sometimes shimmering, sometimes apocalyptic-feeling – block. BetavilleUnited States (5min), Dir: Dustin Donovan … More The Future Is Bright

Lost And Found

Have you ever lost something? Maybe something material, something from days gone by – or maybe simply a piece of your soul. Each of us places different value on what is important in life: more often than not, it is not until we have lost this precious something that we can truly understand ourselves. How … More Lost And Found

Romantic Encounters?

These tales record the rush of initial intimacy and the hard conversations that follow. We move from pre-teen crushes and the pangs of coming-out, to an acerbic back-and-forth on the difficulties of dating with a disability. In this way, the block sees individuals find common ground – even if that ground is shared suffering and … More Romantic Encounters?

Hopes and Dreams

This series of films confronts the dreams and ambitions of youth as they slowly give way to the harsher side of life’s realities. As characters’ aspirations go against the grain of tradition, we see tales of individuals facing shattered ideals and clanging disappointments. However, when the force of the dream is charged enough, we see … More Hopes and Dreams

Bad Things

Bad things don’t just happen to bad people. This horror-thriller block takes our darkest fears from everyday reality – stalking, obsession, over-consumption, greed – and transfigures them into panic-inducing tales of revenge and exploitation, moving from stories of individuals trying to cheat death to full-on zombie apocalypses. This block contains violence and nudity; not suitable … More Bad Things

Meet the 2021 OXISFF Judges

Our Head of Awards (Olivia Chappell) has been working with an outstanding jury of industry professionals this year to help pick our winners. Let’s meet them below: James Webber – Writer / Director / Producer James Webber has worked professionally as a filmmaker for over 10 years, making numerous music videos, promos, and commercials. He … More Meet the 2021 OXISFF Judges

Kids Today!

The filmmakers in this block revel in the capacity for curiosity and friendship unique to young people. Kids rush to grow up, learn to acclimatise themselves to their own bodies, and get a taste of adulthood. Their naïve friendships are full of the empathy natural to kids before they are socialised into conflict – a … More Kids Today!


When a mother fails to protect her children, the emotional consequences reverberate from difficult childhoods to the pains of adolescence, right through to the retrospective makings of the films themselves. Films in this block uncover maternal tensions, as well as some of the hidden sacrifices mothers make for their children. FittingAustralia (14min), Dir: Emily Avila … More Mothers

Father Figures

We kick off the festival focusing on family dynamics. Fathers are often terrorizing figures in the first half of this block, exploiting a patriarchal kind of power and often dominating the stories despite their visual absence. As the block progresses, the tone shifts: the child becomes a source of hope and possibility, the father as … More Father Figures