Comedy and Kooky

Phew! So here we are in our final week, “week eleven”. It’s been an unbelievable ride, but like all good things… The tone of last week’s Thrillers/Crime Doesn’t Pay block was starting to lighten up by the end of the block, just in time for some comedy and kooky films! Next stop – The Awards! … More Comedy and Kooky


This week is best described as ‘emotional’ and one of our favourites. We appreciate this might not be the easiest block to watch, but for those of you willing to let your guard down – you will be rewarded with some absolutely beautiful films. Grab the tissues… Buy tickets to watch these films at The … More Loss

International Drama

Following on from our two shortest blocks (Microshorts and Children’s Films), we now and go the other way and return with the longest block of the festival. We hope you don’t mind reading subtitles, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of these amazing entries! … More International Drama

Childrens Films

Our original intention was to hold a free Children’s Festival the day after our main festival in March. Sadly we were unable to run, but to make up for this fact – we now plan to showcase this particular block of films online – for free! All you need to do is sign-up and get … More Childrens Films


Welcome to week 6, our Microshorts blocks which are a collection of 20 short films mostly under five minutes which are often experimental, musical or animated. The block runs for approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. See our trailer below: If you haven’t already get your online festival tickets here! Where Were You? (UK, dir. Dan … More Microshorts

UK Drama

Best Films, Best Screenplays, Best Directors, to name but a few! This block has an amazing number of award nominations, we are very proud of this line up. Fans of Drama are in for a treat, if you haven’t already get your online festival tickets here! Let’s take a look at the ten wonderful films … More UK Drama


Do you like films which are darker? If so – our ‘Nightmares’ block has you covered with a mixture of gothic sensibilities, dark or sinister feelings, revenge, isolation, loss, creepy dolls and the supernatural. And some are just completely barking mad! Enjoy if you dare… Get your festival tickets to see over 135 great short … More Nightmares


It now seems rather strange that we didn’t feature a single documentary in our 2020 festival! Realising the error of our ways, we wanted to encourage documentaries for our 2020 festival (to great applause when we announced it). There are 15 fantastic films playing in this block which focus on a wide variety of subjects … More Documentaries

Other Worlds: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Get your festival tickets to see over 135 great short films online here (from May 8-July 23). We’ve been getting some fantastic feedback from our audience regarding this block. ‘Other worlds’ is a Collection of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and alternate realities. Let’s take a look at the films playing: Triskelion (UK, Dir. Stuart T. Birchall) ‘Triskelion’ … More Other Worlds: Science Fiction and Fantasy