In a post-lockdown world, the stifling sensations of isolation have been felt almost universally, as we have been compelled to ‘live in a bubble which isn’t necessarily reflective of reality’. Most of the films in this block were made during the first wave of the pandemic, feature this period heavily, or reflect upon the simple … More Isolation

Love In The Time Of Covid

Lockdowns, distancing, Zoom dates: it might seem as if the social estrangement of the past year has stultified romance. Maintaining relationships and finding love is difficult enough without these barriers, but this block proves – as the old saying goes – that romance isn’t dead! Love, Post-LockdownUnited Kingdom (16min), Dir: Ben Mourra, Lucas Boetsch Isolating … More Love In The Time Of Covid

War Is Hell

War is what happens when language fails. Its first casualty is innocence itself: whether soldier or civilian, surviving it leaves an indelible mark, and there is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing the innocent. Despite the pain and trauma of war, this block also asks us: is bad peace worse than … More War Is Hell

Lure of the Sea

There is an indefinable quality to the sea that keeps drawing us back to it – something mesmerising, possibly other-worldly. For these five filmmakers, this compulsive wonder and awed attachment to the sea comes to signify a myriad of cinematic moments: a fascination with trying to conquer the highest waves, a space for a coming-of-age … More Lure of the Sea

Real Stories

This documentary block looks at ‘miracle’ people – those who are often overlooked in mainstream society, but are the pillars of our complicated and multifaceted world. We travel from Vietnamese farmlands to the suburbs of the West Country to see how these remarkable individuals deal with difference and redefine the word ‘normal’. Fraser Syndrome & … More Real Stories


The films in this block reveal an inability to connect, whether as a result of mistranslation, deception, or simply a figure of speech taken a bit too literally. Swerving between worlds of estrangement and eruptions of comedy, this block sees languages, perspectives, and even time periods collide in clashes of cultures and beliefs. It asks … More Miscommunication

Work Cultures

The dramas in this block tackle the different work ethics held by different cultures, and the complex relationships people have with work – from its link to toxic masculinity to the generational inheritances types of work bear. In these milieus of labour and toil, larger aspirations beyond these work cultures are quickly felled. SisterChina (13min), … More Work Cultures

Children’s Corner

Sunday is known as the day of rest – a fact oblivious to these excitable children! Here we have nine boisterous, animated tales for the whole family, tackling themes such as generational disconnect, environmentalism, overcoming adversity, and inspirational learning. Gen TreeIsrael (3min), Dir: Ronni Shalev, Alon Sharabi, Hod Adler In a town where the adults … More Children’s Corner

The Future Is Bright

The line between utopia and dystopia is volatile in this block, in which six filmmakers imagine the disorientating future worlds into which humanity might be driven. Our relationship to aliens, machines, mindfulness, and emotion itself are tested and traversed in this thrilling – sometimes shimmering, sometimes apocalyptic-feeling – block. BetavilleUnited States (5min), Dir: Dustin Donovan … More The Future Is Bright

Lost And Found

Have you ever lost something? Maybe something material, something from days gone by – or maybe simply a piece of your soul. Each of us places different value on what is important in life: more often than not, it is not until we have lost this precious something that we can truly understand ourselves. How … More Lost And Found